I have worked with Consumer Dynamics on multiple projects, at multiple Fortune 500 companies, across a broad spectrum of categories, during an extensive marketing and senior executive career. I would recommend Consumer Dynamics, hands down, as the best product and brand positioning firm to hire. They have an incredibly seasoned staff, are flexible and creative in their work approach, work extremely well with clients, both domestically and internationally, and uniquely blend their project work with design firm, ad agency, or other team membership needs.

With over 900,000 words in the English Language, Consumer Dynamics’ positioning and branding methodologies provide clients with the most compelling way to present their product, brand or company to drive purchase.

Sandy Lawrence


Therative, Inc.


Working with Consumer Dynamics has become our competitive advantage. They consistently help us to find the insight or the core idea that can unlock even the hardest to grow business. I keep Consumer Dynamics on ‘speed dial.’ They are top of mind for me when I am looking for innovation, a fresh take on something or creativity.

Naomi Kelman


LifeScan USA 


When I worked at Johnson & Johnson, the work Consumer Dynamics helped us do on BAND-AID™ Brand led to the biggest share growth the brand had posted in 11 years. At Robert Mondavi, our positioning turned around a brand that had lost share for 22 consecutive months. The work was so good that the president of Constellation Wine later told me that it was the best positioning statement of any brand in the company’s huge portfolio.

Rodney Williams

SVP Marketing, Classics Brands

Jackson Family Wines


I have worked with the Consumer Dynamics team for nearly 20 years, and I keep coming back for more! Consumer Dynamics is the ultimate strategic consulting partner, from leadership in thinking through a business problem, developing unique and powerful insights and consumer frameworks, to driving collaborative solutions across functional groups. The CD team is extremely talented, very hands on, and passionate about their work.

Susan Wagner

Vice President, Global Strategic Insights

J&J Consumer Health Care


I first worked with Consumer Dynamics at Gillette where they were viewed as a true thought-partner and critical team member for all of our new product and strategy work on the Venus brand.   

When I joined a new company about to launch their first-ever consumer product, one of my first phone calls was to Consumer Dynamics.   As promised and expected, they delivered a compelling, ownable, consumer-insight based brand proposition and strategic road map for the future.   What I didn’t anticipate or expect was how the team’s keen intellect and consumer marketing expertise would positively influence my Management.  Before my very eyes, they transformed skeptics into enthusiastic brand marketers.  My Management was able to clearly see the value in the process and as a result, it is now much easier for me to do my job.  Talk about your win wins!

Nancy Teumer

Global Marketing Director, Consumer Products

Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.


Consumer Dynamics was instrumental in helping our company redefine our consumer strategy. Their top-notch qualitative insights methodology combined with quantitative analytics provided Shopzilla, Inc. with a comprehensive consumer segmentation. Their segmentation findings enabled our team to build a robust framework for repositioning our current shopping properties and paved the way for new opportunities in the marketplace.

Mary Yee

VP of Marketing

Shopzilla, Inc


Over the years, Consumer Dynamics has consistently provided insightful and persuasive positioning and new product ideas for our company. They are extremely creative, collaborative and smart marketers who have a strong understanding both of consumer mindsets and changing trends. I really enjoy working with them.

Lisa Halprin

Director, Global Strategic Marketing

Bayer Healthcare, LLC


We have worked with Consumer Dynamics on a number of different initiatives and have been very impressed with their level of expertise.  They have been a true strategic partner and helped us to uncover rich consumers insights as it relates to our business.

Nicole Guidara

Director of Product Marketing

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company


Consumer Dynamics has been an invaluable partner to develop winning concepts based on deep consumer insights and sharp strategic thinking. CD has supported the Venus brand on virtually every Venus new product introduction since launch helping to shape Venus’ strong brand equity. Sybil and her Team are highly collaborative and always over-deliver.

Bernadette King, "Goddess of Gratitude"

Marketing Director New Products-Venus BFO

Gillette Corporation


Consumer Dynamics drives deeper into the consumer pyche than any other marketing support partner we have ever worked with. In a short period of time, they can unearth profound consumer insights that tenured industry incumbents have overlooked for years.

Their ability to help translate those new consumer insights into pragmatic strategies and tactics separates them from their peers, as they guide their clients in ways that result in impressive market share gains, revenue growth, and breakthrough innovation ideas.

Tim Spring

Former CEO

Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.


I have worked with Consumer Dynamics for over 15 years. They have been my strategic partner on every major new product launch I’ve done….MACH3, Venus , Fusion…. which turned out to be some of the biggest and most successful launches in all of packaged goods. The people of Consumer Dynamics are brilliant consumerists who leverage consumer insights into powerful, compelling business propositions.  They are strategic and pragmatic.

Mary Ann Pesce

Former President,

P&G Global Personal Care, P&G Beauty


Consumer Dynamics is one of my favorite insights partners.  Their work is not only insightful but extremely actionable and they always take it to the next level. In addition, I can always count on them to deliver a superior report/presentation with perceptive strategic recommendations.

Jill Marchick

Director of Global Insights

Starbucks Corporation